About The Nude Company (What’s The Story?)

LESS | MORE [Wear on their own | mix and layer]

Dainty Herkimer Diamond Ring

Sophisticated, minimalist handcrafted jewellery of the highest quality is what we make.

We specialise in making rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces and bracelets made of sterling silver, gold, Herkimer diamonds and other natural gemstones.

We produce both the versatile classics for the everyday basics and the unique, eye catching styles that are perfect for the celebration of the peculiar.

Designed and handmade in a relaxed neighbourhood in Manchester, this London-cool label balances a laid-back sensibility with a distinctly urban vibe. Think of it as minimalism that doesn’t feel stark.

Our philosophy is to use carefully sourced materials to create eclectic pieces for your timeless jewellery collection.

Gin Fon Ask Jeweler

Gin Fon Ask
Designer / Jeweler


I am Gin Fon Ask – jewellery designer since I was seventeen and founder of the brand. Originally from Lithuania, at the age of 19 I moved to England to pursue my jewellery degree.

I was lucky enough to live and experience London and later Amsterdam, work for different designers and artists ranging from jewellery to shoes and even umbrellas. This experience shaped my taste, beliefs and helped to understand what it is I really want.

In Lithuania I learnt the foundation of becoming a goldsmith. In London I became even more fashion forward than I was before and Amsterdam inspired me to master the art of simplicity and leaving things out.

I believe there is enough noisy designs in this world so my main aim is to create something simple and yet fresh. Jewels that would be plentiful to wear on their own and never too much to mix and layer.

It is a brand of ease, imagination and unlimited possibilities.

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New jewellery items will be launched the first day of EVERY month!

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